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The Difference Between Photo Booths

Photo Booths have become a standard addition to wedding receptions. What started out looking like a quick fad has turned into a MUST HAVE feature. People love taking photos and the combination of photos along with the scrap booking keepsake for the bride and groom is a great combination! As a result there are tons of photo booth providers and options out there! So what is what and how can you determine what is the best fit for you and your guests? Let’s take a look at the 4 main types of booths and what they can contribute to your BIG day!

Traditional Photo Booth : The traditional Photo Booth is a replication of the classic photo booths you may remember from the mall? It is a shell concept with a curtain and private photo taking area, usually with a few chairs. There is a touch screen system where the guests can make selections and also see their images before the camera snaps a picture. Some even offer video capture for fun messages to the bride and groom. This style of booth usually has a printer to make a photo strip with the images and custom graphics. The guests receive the photo strip immediately as a keepsake of the wedding. If there is a scrap book option being offered the guest receives one photo strip and a copy goes into the book. The guest book is then signed by all guests and presented to the bride and groom at the end of the wedding.

Note * There seem to be less and less of this option available as many providers have elected to downsize to more portable options or even more modern options. That does not diminish the fact that this may be the over-all best option for a wedding reception appreciated by the majority of guests for its recognizable and user friendly concept.

Open Air / Kiosk Style Booth : This booth is actually not a booth at all. It’s more of the photo taking area usually with a backdrop so guests can stand in front and get their photos taken by a kiosk style camera system. These systems can be very different from one to the next. The main thing to consider is that this experience will be more like a prom photo shoot vs the private photo taking experience had inside a traditional booth. With that said, these are probably the most popular and most prevalent setups out there currently. Many kiosks have their own printer for immediate photo strips but some providers have converted over to on-line images where the guests can send the digital capture direct to their personal email. Backdrops can me customized often with the user having a multitude of choices of design and color.

Note * Because this style of booth requires standing in front of a backdrop consider whether or not it is a good choice for your wedding guests. A advantage of this open air concept will be that larger groups of guests can get into the photos vs a traditional booth with curtain system.

Mirror Booth : Just like the open air booth this is NOT a booth at all. The mirror is a marvel of technology acting in place of the kiosk booth with a backdrop area but the unit looks like a full functional stand up mirror. The guests stand in front and can see their entire image. Commands and options are made on the surface of the mirror itself usually with instructions to the guest appearing right on the mirror glass. It is definitely a conversation starter piece. As unique this option is one must understand that the images are very different from the traditional booth. In a traditional booth the photos are taken from the shoulders up for a face shot. With the mirror you are looking at a full body image. So one must consider if the guests want the full body shot vs head shot. Another con to this booth is the intimidation of technology with older guests. Many won’t know what this is or how to use it. As a result a mirror booth tends to attract only the younger guests often alienating the older folks. Just like the kiosk depending on the operator you can receive a printed photo strip or direct digital email.

Note * The mirror booth tends to be more expensive when compared to a traditional or kiosk style booth. With that said the mirror is a remarkable concept and a great addition to any contemporary wedding reception!

360 Video Booth : This booth is also not a booth at all. In fact it has nothing to do with photos. The 360 has exploded onto the scene and is a fun addition to a wedding with some important things to consider. As mentioned it is not a photo taking system but rather a video camera on a pole that circles around the subjects who stand on a raised platform while it captures slow motion / special effect video of the guests dancing and acting silly. The guests will not receive anything to look at but instead have access after the wedding in a cloud to grab the video footage. For this reason you might want want to understand some folks will be disappointed.

Note * The key thing with the 360 video booth is liability as the guests, who probably will be drinking have to stand on a raised circle platform. No one wants someone to get hurt at their wedding reception. Can you see something going wrong with this scenario? Additionally, if you thought that the mirror would intimidate some of the older guests the 360 will almost certainly appeal only to the younger guests leaving the “mature” folks to watch from afar.

The 4 different models mentioned in this blog are not the only options out there but certainly the most predominant options. Quality and professionalism will dramatically differ from one provider to the next. There are some really fine booth systems made by professionals and then there are the home-made “camera on a stick” operations and a bride & groom can easily get taken for a ride. Rather than be disappointed have the same degree of scrutiny in selecting your photo booth provider as you would with your photographer, DJ or venue. In most cases the saying…….“You get what you pay for” is still one of the truest sayings.

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