Connecticut Wedding DJ

The Importance Of A MC

“MC” stands for Master of Ceremonies. The definition of Master = “to perfect ones craft.”  Keeping that in mind how many DJs or band leaders can you say are fabulous at speaking? It is a art form that is not for the faint of heart. Most people fear public speaking and most are just not very good at it. Sad reality is that most DJs are not good at speaking publicly either. They get into the business because they love playing music. But music and the performance of music is only 1/2 of the duty of a DJ. In most cases the DJ is also expected to be the master of ceremonies, especially at a wedding reception. The person you hire to be your MC is the representative of your wedding reception and reflects directly on the bride and groom. Think about it? The DJ is right there in the middle of everything and the first person to actually speak at the beginning of your wedding reception.

At a recent bridal show I was witness to a DJ up at stage doing some kind of wedding game. It was his showcase right after the bridal fashion show and he was trying to show off his skills. Only one problem….. He lacked skills. He lacked command over his audience and what happened was a 25 minute routine that completely lost the audience. There was so much redundancy in his wedding game and it dragged. Needless to say the ladies in the seats left the seats after about 10 minutes but the DJ kept going on…. and on…. and on! Sad part is that the DJ never noticed because he was so into himself he was oblivious to his terrible performance. And that’s dangerous!

A skilled Master of Ceremonies uses the least amount of words to make the biggest impact. You don’t have to ramble on and on to entertain or make a impact. And another key concept. If you want to be funny – be funny. Some DJs try to use comedy only to come off as over the top or inappropriate. Not everyone is naturally funny so the skilled MC recognizes his/her strong and weak points and avoids the areas of deficit.

When hiring a DJ for your wedding or private event keep something in mind. It’s not just about the music. It’s about the mouth and the person you hire will have a microphone in their hand and that makes them very important. Interview with your DJ. DON’T just speak over the phone but meet them. Get to see their mannerism, facial expression, and vocal sincerity. That means, NO CHEEZE BALLS!  Certainly, it all does make a difference and will directly impact your event.

So remember, its more than just about the music. It’s about the mouth as well!