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The Truth about Photographers leaving a wedding early

Would you buy a car with only 2 tires? Kinda silly thought right? Well, if you are planning a wedding and book a photographer or videographer who don’t stay to the end you are doing the same thing basically. You are not receiving the full service.

Unfortunately, many couples make this mistake. A photographer or videographer will offer a cheaper package that does not include staying to the end of your reception. Or worse, they leave without you even letting you know. Self-determining that your reception no longer has moments worth capturing.

As a professional DJ with Music In Motion Entertainment  I can tell you the many times I have looked for the photographer only to realize they had left the wedding early. And yet, there was a amazing moment happening on the dance floor with no professional to capture the moment. In some instances I have even had a frustrated bride asking me where the heck her videographer was? Not good to realize this on your wedding day. On several occasions I have shot video from my phone to give to the wedding couple so they had something. But, video and photo from a smart smart is still not the same.

The truth is at a wedding you just never know when a magic moment will happen. Any photographer or videographer who tells you that its all the same dancing scenes after a certain point is selling you and your wedding short. In other words, expect your photographic professionals to remain to the very last dance and book accordingly.

We believe so solidly in this concept that with our own photography and videography service, In Motion Photo and Video we ONLY offer packages that include service to the conclusion of your wedding. That means full coverage from ceremony right through to the finale’. In Motion Photography and Videography is a division of Music In Motion Entertainment.

So keep in mind when buying a car, 2 tires are not getting you anywhere. When booking your wedding photographic team expect service to the end and you will be riding on 4.