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A unique wedding favor

Photo StripI often explain to my clients who are considering getting a photo booth for their wedding reception that the photo booth does not need to be an “additional expense.” It can be but why not use the photo strip that is produced as your actual wedding favor?

Every year, couples spend on average between $500-$1000 on wedding favors for their guests. From M&Ms to almonds to wrapped lavender sachets, they almost always are forgotten…… or eaten immediately after the wedding is over.

Give the gift of memories. Nothing is better for a memory than a photo, and the favor to your guests does not end with the actual photo strip either. Music In Motion Photo Booths produce videos as well as photos. At the end of your reception you will receive all of the images and videos on a flash drive. Use your Facebook page to display all those great images and video so your guests can continue the fun and memories well after the reception has past. images

Spice up the presentation and get photo strip sleeve holders, acrylic stands or even magnetic frames to increase the quality of the favor. By the time you are done adding on the photo booth you will be pleasantly surprised that it did not cost much more than your standard favors. And besides, a photo is not bad for your teeth.