Connecticut Wedding DJ

Use Facebook to your advantage

imagesWhen we work with our clients here at Music In Motion we find one of their most difficult tasks is selecting music. In the case of a wedding reception, there is a ton of anxiety because the bride and groom want all their guests to enjoy the event. What to play? What to avoid? How do you make everyone happy?

The answer can be closer than you think. In this social world we now live in people are connected like never before through social media. Twitter, Google + and of course Facebook have changed the way the world communicates. Why not use that to your advantage?

If you are putting together a music program for your event and want to involve your guests, use Facebook to create a poll. Just simply post a poll on your Facebook page asking your event guests to vote on what style of music they like. Additionally, you can simply ask your guests to make their requests right to your Facebook page. Then simply write all the songs down and create your playlist. The music is sure to please because your friends and family requested everything in advance. Now hand the list over to the DJ and you’ve got a winning recipe.