Connecticut Wedding DJ

The Value Of Sound

Many brides and grooms think that by adding a DJ for their wedding ceremony, they are getting music. That is true, but in reality, they should be looking for total sound reinforcement. Total sound to cover the entire area so the wedding guests can feel a part of your service. In addition to music is the need for microphones and someone who can professionally handle the service.

How many times have you attended a friend’s wedding only to not hear any part of the ceremony? The problem is the acoustics, especially if the wedding is outdoors. Outside there are no walls, ceilings, carpets, or fixtures to hold in the sound. Many water-front services have waves, wind, birds, and several sound distractions to compete with your soft spoken wedding officiant.

This is a simple fix. Make sure you have a complete sound package for your ceremony and a sound engineer, not just a DJ to provide music. Microphones are a key piece to the puzzle. The officiant should have a clip on lavaliere microphone as well as an additional microphone on a stand for any readers. The lavaliere microphone will not only pick up the officiant, but the bride and groom’s vows as well. Now your guests will feel included and a part of your very special moment in time.