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Ceremony Sound

When you stand at the altar area and say your vows to each other, you certainly hear everything perfect. The officiant, your significant other and yourself, but do the guests hear? Often, only the front few rows will hear the ceremony words leaving everyone else sitting in awkward silence. As a wedding guest, you want to feel a part of the special moment. Not being able to hear will certainly be the obstacle keeping that from happening.

What to do? A DJ is not the answer. A sound engineer is! Having discrete professional sound reinforcement is the key to making the connection with your wedding guests. Why have them in the first place? The equipment needed for a ceremony is different from a reception and specific to the needs of the service.

Music In Motion Entertainment offers professional ceremony sound with dedicated sound systems, Bose speakers and lavalier microphones. Not only can we provide your music choices but also multiple microphone options for the officiant, singers, readers and even live musicians.