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Weddings 2021 * There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel

It has been a nightmare of a year in 2020 and nothing was impacted more than weddings.  The wedding industry was completely devastated with  cancellations and postponements due to the Coronavirus.

In a health emergency the very celebrations of life that brought people together became a major component of viral spread and thus had to be shut down.

So many couples who dreamed of their wedding day had to face the tragic reality that they simply could not have a reception with guests. Some elected to still get married and worry about a wedding reception later down the line. Others took advantage of the summer and fall seasons which had a slight relaxing of state restrictions as case numbers came down to manageable levels, but as soon as the colder weather came back and people moved inside again the case numbers soared. Restrictions were tightened back up again.

As the owner of Music In Motion Entertainment based in Seymour Connecticut we had to postpone over 100 weddings into 2021-2022. Our office had to be closed and we went months without any work. Nothing in my wildest nightmare scenario could prepare me for 2020 and the disruption of life. Being in a business that brings people together is the greatest business, except in a pandemic.

When our couples postponed their weddings most never could have imagined that the pandemic would last well over a year! In fact, as I compose this article in March of 2021 we are still under restrictions here in Connecticut. Granted, Texas and Florida and a few other states have had a wide open policy but most states have played it safe and put serious restrictions in place. Most effecting the private events industry along with concerts, bars, clubs and sporting events.

But can you see that? It’s light at the end of a long and dark tunnel! Restrictions are starting to be loosened and in some states eliminated. ( I won’t get into the politics of whether they are right or wrong )

In the state of Connecticut we have gone from phase 2 to a phase 3 re-opening and now can have 100 guests indoors and 200 outdoors. For some wedding couples that is still not enough, but its a great start towards a return to normalcy. As our COVID infection rate remains low in CT Governor Lamont should continue to loosen restrictions on gatherings.

Let’s explore how weddings should look for 2021:

Spring – The vaccine is being distributed at a pace exceeding all predictions and as of this article’s release 80% of our senior population aged 55 and over have been vaccinated! This is great news for brides and grooms who wanted their grandparents to attend the wedding! You can expect that masks will still be required and I wouldn’t be surprised if the venues will do temperature checks at the door. A negative COVID test may also be required for entrance to a wedding reception.  Maybe even proof of vaccination? The important thing here is that we are getting back to life!

Summer – At this point anyone who wants a vaccine should have access to it and the goal of herd immunity may be reached. We need to achieve 75% vaccinated or higher as a country for that to happen. POLITICAL STATEMENT CAUTION!  As a democratic majority state Connecticut should be well above 75% total vaccinated as a population. This will vary state by state but I believe things will go well in CT. Weddings will be happening with a further relaxing of restrictions. There will still be a call to wear masks, but I doubt those who are vaccinated will want to put that thing on.  I expect to see at least 150 indoors and 300 outdoors. We might even see the return of summer concerts at 1/2 capacity! Wouldn’t that be amazing!?

Fall – I completely expect that we will be at a return to normalcy. At least whatever the “new normal” will be.  Restrictions on weddings should be lifted 100% with the only remaining restrictions left to be on concerts, sporting events and large mass gatherings. Masks should be put away by this point and hopefully the Corona Virus will be a extremely low occurring disease. I doubt it will ever totally go away but just like the annual flu we can manage it and suppress it for the majority of our population.

Winter – My prediction will be the return of holiday parties and a packed Times Square for New Years Eve 2022!!! There will be a euphoric return to normal and even a boom economy with many people passionately celebrating the simple things. Can you say “Roaring 20’s!” History can and does repeat itself.

So, if you have been planning a wedding for over a year or more totally stressed out over the pandemic  I think there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Happy Wedding Planning!!