Connecticut Wedding DJ

What Are Your Expectations vs Reality?

When people start out looking for a DJ there tends to be a certain level of expectation. Of course you want to have a fun event. Of course a bride and groom want to have a spectacular wedding! And of course the family wants the Batmitzvah girl to have a blast with all of her friends! Unfortunately, what starts out as a expectation for exceptional entertainment can turn into disappointment if the following 3 things don’t occur.

NUMBER ONE * What’s your price?” * Look beyond the rate quote! I am not suggesting that you should just wildly spend without a budget or any concern for expense but when the only thing you are interested in and only question you are asking is about price there is a propensity to select the cheapest DJ. I mean if the lowest price is all you care about you must be assuming that ALL DJs are the same and can produce the same level of service and positive experience. This is where you would make a large mistake.

If you assume that a Mercedes Benz is just a car and you will get from A to B the same with a Toyota Corolla you would be half correct. Yes, they are both cars but that’s where the similarities end. It’s all about the experience and clearly the more expensive car will get you from A to B in a much more comfortable and luxurious manner. The Toyota will get you there but just not with the same level of comfort and class. And then there is a $500 rusted car from 1974 with no muffler. Good luck getting to point B. You might get there but it’s going to be a bumpy road.

We can say that this scenario exists for DJs as well. The very expensive DJs will provide a fabulous experience, most of the time. The super cheap DJ will be a disaster and the middle of the market DJ can go down the center without any extremes. Meaning you won’t hate them but you won’t be jumping for joy either. It will be a average or slightly above average experience. Rule of this story is to set a reasonable budget and do not select entertainment based on price along. Look at their credentials, experience level, ratings, history and professionalism during your interaction. Find a DJ who can make you feel comfortable that you are going to get what you are looking for and maybe even exceed expectations. Just have realistic expectations.

NUMBER TWO * Don’t text your DJ, CALL THEM! * When hiring a DJ remember that they not only provide music but should also be your event host. Your entertainment, Master of ceremonies and person on the microphone. Do not assume that all DJs can speak well on the microphone because they don’t! Most DJs have NO formal vocal training or even practice microphone technique. They just awkwardly fumble through the spoken word so they can get to the dancing and music program of your event. Problem with that is that more formal events like a Wedding require someone who can really connect with your guests and effectively communicate. So why then would you ever hire a DJ/MC without hearing their voice and actually speaking with them?

Set a phone conference, zoom video call or even a face-to-face direct get-together. Meeting to see if you have good chemistry with the DJ can be a crucial part to finding your perfect fit. Remember that assuming all DJs are the same is a drastic mistake!

NUMBER THREE * Check Them OUT! * We live in times where almost any professional should have a website. A facebook page. A instagram or TikTok channel. Actually check out the DJ. Read their on-line reviews! Any experienced DJ will have many reviews. Not all reviews will be 5 star, be realistic that not everyone can be 5 stars to ALL people, all of the time but certainly look for a provider with a overwhelming amount of happy clients and a score over 4.0 out of 5.0.

After you have done the research and looked at their website, read the reviews, spoken with them over the phone and received a price for services you now are in a better position to make a educated and informed decision based on your taste, expectations and budget. Remember that this is a job interview and you want to hire someone who you feel confident in that they will provide the level of service that you demand. In other words, ” You get out of something what you put into it! “

Do these 3 things when looking to hire a DJ and you will greatly diminish the chance of expecting one thing only to get another.

Mike Fernino * Owner of Music In Motion Entertainment – Seymour CT 203-627-9600