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What’s The Most Popular Wedding Month?

Some couples are totally surprised when they select their wedding date only to find many vendors are booked solid and rates are at premium level. Peak season does exist in wedding season for each region of the country. However, here in New England one particular month stands alone from all the others. Before we get into that let’s explore advantages and disadvantages  to the time of year you select for your wedding celebration.

Big surprise, winter is the least popular season here in New England. For all the beautiful snow photo opportunities, the risk of wedding delays, inconvenience and even cancellation due to extreme weather is ever looming. However, if you dare and have a strong stomach you can find the hottest deals in the cold  from venues and even vendors who appreciate the work in slow season.

The next season in order for least to most popular is spring. Years ago May used to be extremely popular, but in the last few decades or so spring has become slightly less desirable. Pitfalls include spring storms and rain along with late blooming flowers, plants and trees. But, if you get lucky the perfect warm,” just right ” weather can be experienced along with vibrant color from the re-birth of Mother Nature. Deals can be had but certainly are much less prevalent than winter season.

The next in order from least to most popular season is summer. Of course! This is the season for teachers and ocean lovers! Who doesn’t  love summer? However, pitfalls include very hot weather which can be ruff in a full wedding gown or black tuxedos. And don’t forget the humidity which can really put a damper on outdoor activities and photos.  Also, keep in mind there will be many booked weekends if you don’t plan early along with NO discounts anywhere to be found. This is PEAK season especially for the water front venues. Ocean and lake photos can be among the most beautiful and sought after  photo opportunities. Keep in mind there may be nothing more fabulous than a summer dusk with a blood red and orange sunset, warm temperatures and a light breeze. It really is a roll of the dice, as is any time of the year but the benefits can payoff tremendously if you hit things just right!

And, the most popular season in New England is autumn. Fall is a amazing time of year to live in the north east region and when you get lucky expect temperatures in the 70’s with the bluest skies and fall colors a blaze through the landscape! It is the reason all the ladies in white go crazy! The pretty leaves and those leaves come at a price. Dates can be booked well in advance. Sometimes years in advance. And don’t expect to get a deal as none will be found unless you go deep into the fall season past peak color. That varies based on northern New England vs southern and the coastal regions.

And now, for the peak month which is October. The most popular month of all. And if you were really wondering, the busiest weekend for weddings in New England is Columbus Day weekend which is the second weekend of October. Usually colors are starting to really come out and the temperatures are almost perfect with low humidity! Good luck if you want this weekend!

The bottom line is do the research. Look at the sunset times for each month, average annual temperature and venue / vendor availability along with rates. Take into consideration themes for your wedding like Christmas, Halloween or 4th of July and then just select a date and don’t worry! There’s nothing you can do about the weather once you have locked in a date so just go with it! And embrace the most important part of all.   The person you are getting married to.