Connecticut Wedding DJ

Wireless speakers connect your wedding

DJ_Setup_50So many times our clients have cocktail hour in a separate location from their reception ballroom.  In the summer months, the guests are almost always outside for the first hour. Very few weddings have the social hour in the same room as the reception these days. The last thing you would want is a full DJ system set up where social hour is being held. Yet, it is messy and dangerous to run speaker cables all the way into a secondary location.

Our solution is a wireless speaker system which allows transmission of signal direct from the DJ equipment to a remote location anywhere inside or even outside. No wires and no intrusive equipment. Just the pure sonic excellence of a Bose system that is thin and compact.  The speakers broadcast the sound purely and evenly allowing your guests an opportunity to have conversation without sonic intrusion. Just the right amount of clarity to add atmosphere.

Watch the video for a demonstration.